Augmented Underwriting

Medius’ proprietary UW Studioᴬᴵ is a complete underwriting platform delivering the AI revolution that has fundamentally altered the insurance landscape whereby multiple science-based underwriting ensemble models are deployed to address the business and technical requirements by reproducing humanistic deductive actuarial reasoning with clinical accuracy. Transforming heuristic underwriting rules would unravel new levels of sophisticated analytics and machine learning based decision support.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

  • Understand Databases
  • Explore The Data Science Workflow
  • Level Up with Big Data

Building the Underwriter's World of Tomorrow

Leveraging new and unconventional data sources thereby expanding existing coverage models to new populations at acceptable risk–making the uninsurable insurable. Deploying dynamic risk models at point of sale and making real-time adjustments to the underlying risk onboarding philosophy to ensure overall profitability. Incorporating fundamentally novel approach to underwriting models altogether by procuring AI-powered decisioning engines for granular pricing and better conversions. Optimising underwriting decisions but more importantly segue the underwriters’ feedback loops to streamline more and more auto-adjudicated decisions.

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Risk Classification & Explainable AI

The AI builds trust with the underwriters by providing easy-to-understand qualitative & quantitative reasoning for the AI recommendations.

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Augmented Decision Making & Automated Learning

A human-machine alliance allows for data-driven decision making whilst allowing complete independence to the underwriter to amend the AI suggestions.

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Embedded Digital Onboarding

Medius’ platform eases the customer pain points associated with buying and selling of Health insurance, all our designs are channelled by the customer’s needs. Our white-label ready solutions are designed to create a better customer experience. Medius’ adaptable technology solution allows for faster response and adjustments to continuously changing customer and business needs. Embedding new insurance lines or streamlining you existing insurance offering, Medius’ architecture can help launch to market fast.

What We Offer

  • Customer-led design
  • Smart configuration
  • API-driven connections

Embedded Health Intelligence

There are billions of mobile phone users, as long as we put healthcare people need on their devices. We can make day-to-day healthcare highly accessible & promote continuity of care. Utilisation of advanced technology, can alleviate the constrained health workforce, unequal distribution of health care resources which leads to overburdened institutions, and eventually increase quality of care. Need for unwanted treatments can often be avoided through monitoring and early intervention.

What We Offer

  • Expanding Customer Touch Points and Reach
  • Health Intervention APIs
  • Accessibility to Health Checks
AI Studio

Medius' AI Sandbox

Get started with out-of-the-box pre-built models that come pre-trained and ready for use. Capturing the most common predictive use-cases, these pre-built models help generate AI based insights for use in key workflows immediately.

The Medius AI Studio enables key business stakeholders such as analytics professionals to test the pre-built models in a controlled sandbox with minimum effort, and experiment with various data combinations. All pre-built models are served through standard APIs in production environments.

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